About Gaby


Gabriel has dedicated her life to the agrarian-artist path. Her love of food started at a young age at the table of her Italian grandparents in an immigrant neighborhood in San Francisco. Meals were labored over in pure Mediterranean fashion and savored with friends and family at the heart of the house — the table.

Gaby’s love of food deepened when she started farming, learning about food systems and practices. She co-managed small farm productions in the Carmel-Big Sur area where she grew up and fostered relations in agriculture. Artistic expression was always present for Gaby and at the same time she was farming, she received her BA in fine art — painting.

The two (art and farming) merged into cooking. Gabriel moved to West Sonoma County in 2002 and was a chef for Occidental Arts & Ecology Center for thirteen years, culminating in a cookbook released in 2015. During that time she spent three years on the east coast working for an artisan bakery as a pastry chef where her love of baking grew.

Gaby now lives on a five-acre farm with her husband and twins. She bakes from her farm kitchen and cooks for special events while developing the five acres into an abundant diverse edible landscape.

Baking process and ingredients

All ingredients are organic and sourced locally when possible. Breads, cakes, and desserts are decorated with flowers and plants that are grown on the farm or from a local flower grower.

Bread is baked weekly and cakes and sweets are designed for your special occasion — unique and one of a kind!